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Darnton Single Name Study

Welcome to the Darnton Single-Name Study It is an ongoing project to identify information about the name, its origins, and brief details of anyone who has had that name at any point in time.

The policy followed in publishing information here is that we will only give information that is already a matter of public record and could therefore be found in any case by any person seeking such information. Other information that is not publicly available will only be published if it is submitted willingly and with consent to publish on this website.

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Darnton Index Website

This Darnton Index website was born from an initiative to conduct a single name study of the name 'Darnton'. This involved collecting information about individuals and families. Good progress has been made for individuals, and many records of family groups are available but need to be converted into a useful form for this website. Many people around the world have now made enquiries about where they fit into the Darnton world, and almost all have received useful information. If you are a Darnton, or have ever had the name Darnton (many people change from or to the name Darnton, particularly on marriage - but there may be other reasons), we would love to hear from you.

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Darnton Places

Byron Darnton Tavern, Sanda Island, Scotland

Darnton Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, OL6. Next to Tameside General Hospital. Continued as Darnton Road, Stalybridge, SK15.